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Hip Procedures

Hip Reconstruction, Hip Preservation Surgery & Total Hip Replacement Revision

Your hip joint is designed to withstand repeated motion and wear and tear. Osteoarthritis, overuse, aging, sports injuries, falls, trauma, and infection can result in pain and lack of mobility. It is important to realize when hip pain begins to prevent chronic pain or further damage from occurring.

Hip surgeon Dr. Benjamin McArthur is an expert at treating conditions of the hip, including osteoarthritis; torn cartilage, labrum, or ligaments; bone spurs, fractures; hip synovitis; and hip dysplasia.

Common hip procedures he performs include:

Hip Reconstruction

Hip Preservation Surgery

Hip replacement surgeries have long been the choice of treatment for bone on bone hip joints. However, in young active patients, the prostheses are highly prone to wear-and-tear, and the need for repeat surgery. Hip preservation is a surgery that overcomes the limitations of joint replacement.

Some conditions indicated for hip preservation surgery include:

  • Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI): friction in the hip joint from abnormal bony irregularities
  • Hip dislocation: head of the femur moves out of the socket
  • Hip dysplasia: congenital hip condition characterized by a shallow acetabulum
  • Labral tear: tear or separation of the labrum, a cartilaginous ring that surrounds the socket and seals the hip joint
  • Avascular necrosis: disrupted blood flow to the hip joint, causing death of bone tissue

The various hip preservation surgeries for severe hip pain and dysfunction in young and active patients have been found to be beneficial, and also avoid or delay the need for hip replacement surgery.

  • Surgical hip dislocation
  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Periacetabular osteotomy
  • Femoral osteotomy

Total Hip Replacement Revision

Revision total hip replacement is a complex surgical procedure that replaces a worn-out artificial hip joint with a new one. Revision hip replacement may be recommended for patients with the following conditions:

  • Increasing pain in the affected hip
  • Worn out plastic or polyethylene prosthesis
  • Dislocation of previous implants
  • Loosening of the femoral or acetabular component of the artificial hip joint
  • Infection around the hip prosthesis causing pain and fever
  • Weakening of bone around the hip replacement (osteolysis)

If you have been told you need a hip replacement revision, Dr. McArthur is an expert surgeon in the Austin, Texas area.

Make an appointment with Dr. McArthur to discuss your hip condition and find out if any of these treatments may be right for you. Call (512) 439-1001 now or request an appointment online.

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