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Welcome to the Office of Benjamin A. McArthur, MD

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Specializing in Joint Preservation and Hip and Knee Reconstruction at Texas Orthopedics

Dr. Benjamin McArthur specializes in complex hip and knee replacement surgeries, including revisions of prior replacement surgeries, and hip preservation surgery, especially in young patients. Hip and knee joint replacements help people of all ages live pain-free, active lives.

At Texas Orthopedics, Dr. McArthur brings his extensive skills to help patients suffering from osteoarthritis regain range of motion and quality of life. As an orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in adult reconstruction, he can perform the most advanced joint replacement procedures, such as anterior approach hip replacement and revision joint replacement for both hip and knee.  

In addition to hip and knee surgeries, Dr. McArthur also provides nonoperative care including:

Dr. McArthur emphasizes patient education. He will discuss your condition in depth and present you with all your treatment options, including conservative, non-surgical options as well as the risks and benefits of surgery, should your need it, so you can make the decision that will be best for you and your lifestyle.

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Meet Dr. Benjamin McArthur at Texas Orthopedics Sports & Rehabilitation Associates. Dr. McArthur is a board certified orthopedic surgeon that specializes in hip and knee reconstruction surgeries. Benjamin McArthur is located in Austin and Kyle, Texas.